EP38 Won’t somebody think about the children

EP38 Won’t somebody think about the children On today’s show, I rap on some of the challenges facing our kids (& us) today with respect to physical injuries, food addiction and the like. Be sure to let me know your opinions & questions in the comments section. Be sure to keep posted for more awesome […]

EP7 Zzzzzzzzombie apocalypse – why & how to sleep better

EP7 Zzzzzzzzombie apocalypse In today’s Episode, Dave & Dan discuss SLEEP and how important it is for health, performance & longevity! I did a post on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (here). Read that one for a bit more info on that. Dave did an awesome post on SLEEP in general (here).  Read that for more info on […]

Is YouTube Making You Dumber?

Is YouTube Making You Dumber Recently I was provided with several examples via clients and just various internet sources of people who are “fitness experts” on YouTube throwing up videos on various topics.  Most of them centred around exercise and technique for the best possible application for whatever body part they are focusing on.  I’m […]

Tuning Up – My Insights from Yoga Tune Up

My Insights from Yoga Tune Up For the past week here in Ottawa I was a participant in a great course called Yoga Tune Up teacher training, where I got to spend seven full days with a bunch of very dedicated professionals getting tuned in to the yoga world a bit more.  While I’m still […]

What That Athlete is Doing – That You’re Probably Not

I subscribed to Instagram recently and while it is a great time waster, it is largely useless unless you want to look at pictures of people posing, food or inspirational memes.  However, one thing I do have a lot of on my feed is fitness personalities, and most of them men and women who love […]