EP39 CMOH REHASH Interview with Vinnie Tortorich Again

EP39 CMOH REHASH Interview with Vinnie Tortorich Again Hi guys!  This week, Dan’s battling some serious laryngitis!!  As a result, we’ve got to rehash some old material.  Only took me 38 episodes to get there!  I should be back with a new episode next week! In this rehashed episode of the CMOH podcast, you can […]

EP10 Interview with the Angriest Trainer

EP10 Interview with the Angriest Trainer Today, Dan gets to enhance his man crush on Vinnie Tortorich.  Honestly, I have fun every time I talk to him!  This time it was so much fun, we did 2 interviews (explanation inside)! Listen in as they hash out some of the frustrating issues facing the health care […]

Are we meant to Feast & Famine? aka Intermittent Fasting

I was asked to do a quick blurb on Intermittent Fasting (IF) for a popular health & fitness site.  As always, I want to release it to my followers first to keep you in the loop!  Given that we are nearing the end of Ramadan, a discussion on fasting  seems timely as well. Probably the most […]

Live to support your “healthy genes” as much as possible

 Hi Everyone.  I wanted to quickly take my first crack at evolutionary biological view of epigenetics. Sounds complicated but really it’s quite simple.  I want to talk about behaviors that we can all practice on a regular basis in order to get our fat-burning genes to express more than our fat-storing ones. Key Mechanism for Lifestyle […]

Why the Paleo diet could save us all!!!

As I mentioned in my profile, I’m a Registered Dietitian in Canada. I have counselled thousands of people in fat loss and weight management and helped them succeed in achieving their goals. Through constant modification of approaches and nutritional & fitness strategies, I eventually found a strategy that worked for most people…. THE PALEO DIET […]