EP39 CMOH REHASH Interview with Vinnie Tortorich Again

EP39 CMOH REHASH Interview with Vinnie Tortorich Again Hi guys!  This week, Dan’s battling some serious laryngitis!!  As a result, we’ve got to rehash some old material.  Only took me 38 episodes to get there!  I should be back with a new episode next week! In this rehashed episode of the CMOH podcast, you can […]

STAY OUT OF KETOSIS… signed the weight loss industry!

 STAY OUT OF KETOSIS!!! Yes. That’s right.  The weight loss industry wants you to be afraid of ketosis so you will stay heavy and need to buy more crap to try to get lean!  Oh yeah. And grain producers & food companies want this too, because then you will be a “heavy user”. – YES.  […]

EP10 Interview with the Angriest Trainer

EP10 Interview with the Angriest Trainer Today, Dan gets to enhance his man crush on Vinnie Tortorich.  Honestly, I have fun every time I talk to him!  This time it was so much fun, we did 2 interviews (explanation inside)! Listen in as they hash out some of the frustrating issues facing the health care […]

UNREAL TV – The Biggest Loser – EPISODE 4

In today’s Episode, Dave & I will be Ranting on & critiquing the BIGGEST LOSER TV show. Dave did an excellent post on the Biggest Loser (here).  Read that one if you want a bit more info on the topic. Obesity is defined as too much body weight for the person’s height. It uses body […]

Guess what? Low carb diet is good for Diabetes

Hi everyone, I’m working on an aging & longevity post and I found this article on low-carb diets finally being recommended for type 2 diabetes. At first I was excited that FINALLY the diabetes associations of Canada & the US were finally acknowledging what many of us have known for years, that a low-carb diet […]

What’s missing from modern Health Sciences & Medicine?

I’ve been a practicing Dietitian for the last 9 years.  I got my Masters of Science (Thesis) in Human Nutritional Biochemistry from McGill University and am currently preparing my PhD Thesis Research proposal for submission & eventual defense! One thing that has become painfully clear over my years submerged in health and medical sciences and […]