EP19 Cutting thoughts on Bariatric Surgery

EP19 Cutting thoughts on Bariatric Surgery Recently, Dave stumbled across an article about a new procedure in which you get a computer device implanted into your stomach. No, it doesn’t make your stomach impervious to even the hottest of the hot chilis (now that would be AWESOME), it’s actually another (recently) approved treatment for obesity […]

EP18 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines Our Thoughts

EP18 2015 USDA Dietary Guidelines Our Thoughts In late Feb 2015, the USDA released its updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These are based on updated evidence, which in nutrition changes very quickly (many new studies published monthly). Here’s a quick summary of their recommendations related to food intake. I’m covering only a quick handful of […]

Slow Cooker Pastured Beef Stew

This is a quick & easy staple in our house.  It might seem a bit surprising that it doesn’t have the USUAL ingredients people associate with heart health.  Quite honestly, that’s because most people today mis-understand what is truly healthy for the heart (including many health practitioners).  Also, keep in mind that this recipe was […]

(RE) Commit to yourself – #30mornings

In this weeks’ podcast episode, Anna Vocino & I challenged listeners/followers to “(re) commit to yourself” by recommitting to their goals/resolutions & make a true investment in yourself!  This habit is used by many highly effective people (here) and will definitely change your life for the better! Essentially, the challenge is this.  Get up earlier every […]