Your Body Is Going to Hate You in 10 Years

Weekly (actually almost daily) on my Facebook feed I see debate and discussion about various fitness modalities and “the best way” to exercise.  Wow, that was an awesome leg workout!  I almost puked!  I can’t walk today thanks to @awesomeharcoretrainer!  #feelbeatenup.  Inevitably these are posted by folks in their 20’s and 30’s who are getting […]

4 Good Reasons to Fire Your Trainer

Due to the fact that my industry is unregulated and anyone can call themselves a trainer after taking a weekend course, it is generally filled with some pretty interesting characters.  What still amazes me to this day is the fact that people will blindly walk into a fitness centre and sometimes invest thousands of dollars, […]

5 Tips for Beginner (and Experienced) Runners to Succeed.

Every spring brings with it clear roads, nice lush trails and always an explosion of new or reborn runners outside.  The year seems bright and shiny and new goals get set, sometimes held over from the year previous.  That ½ marathon that didn’t get done last year – this is the one!  I’m going to […]

What That Athlete is Doing – That You’re Probably Not

I subscribed to Instagram recently and while it is a great time waster, it is largely useless unless you want to look at pictures of people posing, food or inspirational memes.  However, one thing I do have a lot of on my feed is fitness personalities, and most of them men and women who love […]

Why I Don’t Agree with Online Training (But I’m Trying it Anyway)

Part of the whole philosophy behind person training (at least for me) is that it is personal.  It is dictated by the client and based on their individual structure and movement ability and goals.  Every exercise has a purpose and a goal during each workout, even if it is simply to have more resistance along […]