STOP THE FATPHOBIA – Fat is healthy!

You’ve heard the warnings for years!  Eat less fat! Eat low fat!  Fat & particularly saturated fats cause heart disease, so limit those! Anyway, there is ample evidence today that essentially shoots down these claims.  I reviewed these in a previous post here. Recent Study Summary: A recent study has provided further evidence that having adequate […]

Biggest Loser Time

It’s that time again – I saw the first inspirational commercial yesterday, with two former NFL athletes who are now severely obese starting on their weight loss journey followed by millions of people.  Complete with massive weekly weight losses, lots of crying and screaming from trainers, product placement shots from Jenny-O brand ground turkey and […]

Is YouTube Making You Dumber?

Is YouTube Making You Dumber Recently I was provided with several examples via clients and just various internet sources of people who are “fitness experts” on YouTube throwing up videos on various topics.  Most of them centred around exercise and technique for the best possible application for whatever body part they are focusing on.  I’m […]

Tuning Up – My Insights from Yoga Tune Up

My Insights from Yoga Tune Up For the past week here in Ottawa I was a participant in a great course called Yoga Tune Up teacher training, where I got to spend seven full days with a bunch of very dedicated professionals getting tuned in to the yoga world a bit more.  While I’m still […]