Things the Fitness Industry doesn’t want you to know

I compiled this list in order to expose my readers to some of the biggest things that I see people falling for within my industry.  As I’ve stated before, there is a lot of marketing garbage and crap that my industry uses in order to get people to spend money and not get anywhere over […]

I do not think that word means what you think it means…

Just yesterday I was prompted to write this article because on some downtime I was surfing the internet reading various things posted on my Twitter.  Sometimes when articles come up that are posted on blogs I take a look, and this time what I saw made me just shake my head and wonder how people […]

Why is there so much crap in this industry?

I guess this article is my first real rant, although you can check out my article on bad personal trainers previously posted if you want to.  One of my main problems within my industry of personal training (and the gym industry as well) is that there is so much misinformation put out there to poor […]

Why are you Paying for That?

In my many years as an exercise professional I’ve worked in many different types of facilities, including chain gyms, private studios and corporate facilities.  When I began in the industry as a wide-eyed personal trainer working for a national fitness chain (you can guess which one) I was probably a pretty poor trainer.  The fact […]