EP24 Getting Back into Outdoor Activities

EP24  Getting Back into Outdoor Activities Dave & Dan talk about 4 common problems they encounter in people trying to get back into active life in the warmer weather (for those of us in Canada an the Northern US). 1) People tend to dive in too hard too soon, when first getting back into things!!  […]

STAY OUT OF KETOSIS… signed the weight loss industry!

 STAY OUT OF KETOSIS!!! Yes. That’s right.  The weight loss industry wants you to be afraid of ketosis so you will stay heavy and need to buy more crap to try to get lean!  Oh yeah. And grain producers & food companies want this too, because then you will be a “heavy user”. – YES.  […]

EP20 What lies beneath common Thyroid issues?

EP20 What lies beneath common Thyroid issues? What lies beneath sounds like an awesome spine-tingling thriller movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford (here), and in one way that’s how we mean it too! In today’s show, we discuss the Thyroid.  Particularly, Hypothyroidism & how very common it is in the world of weight gain. […]

EP19 Cutting thoughts on Bariatric Surgery

EP19 Cutting thoughts on Bariatric Surgery Recently, Dave stumbled across an article about a new procedure in which you get a computer device implanted into your stomach. No, it doesn’t make your stomach impervious to even the hottest of the hot chilis (now that would be AWESOME), it’s actually another (recently) approved treatment for obesity […]

Real Chicken Noodle Soup

This week’s recipe is for an incredible actually healthy chicken Noodle soup! This one will actually heal your ailments, unlike the store bought “crap”, probably the best known of which rhymes with schmipton’s!!!  No real bone broth in there baby! In classic choose your own adventure style, I will include a regular & one of […]