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Dan T

Is this familiar?

January: You hear on the news or read in a paper/magazine/internet that ABC will help you burn fat better than anything else you could possibly imagine.  AND THEN…

March – Now, you hear that taking too much of ABC will actually shorten your life.

April – This time you’re told to be sure to get enough of XYZ in your diet to keep you lean & healthy.

This is unfortunately very familiar to most clients I meet.  They are confused by how one minute something is touted as incredibly healthy & the next it’s now considered dangerous.  Then something else is now the healthy substance, without enough of which, you will surely not achieve your health goal.

Well, it’s time to reclaim your health, fitness & longevity. I will critically review scientific literature, news reports and articles about lifestyle habits and products claiming to be “good for you”.  I will also translate the science into a useable strategy for you!




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