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EP43 CMOH ALL GOOD THINGS After much consideration, I’ve decided it’s time to stop this show until further notice.  All good things, as they say! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing these PODCASTS, but they are a significant amount of time and work.  At this point I don’t fully understand website revenue generation, so I can’t justify the time spent currently.  […]


EP42 CMOH Playing Tetris and Eating Protein for health

EP42 CMOH Playing Tetris and Eating Protein for health Hi, guys! This week, Dan briefly geeks out about two interesting studies that were in the research recently, because he loves to. Tetris The first study suggests that playing an engaging game like Tetris for even 3 minutes per day can actually decrease cravings for drugs and similar […]


EP41 CMOH Rehash Interview Anna Vocino

EP41 CMOH Rehash Interview Anna Vocino Hi guys!  This week, Dan’s battling more serious laryngitis!!  As a result, we’ve got to rehash some old material.  I should be back with a new episode next week! In this episode Dan gets to crush all over Anna Vocino (instead of Vinnie).  What’s not to like, she’s beautiful and has an […]